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 ~Story~ Lost Hope

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~Lost Hope~
Long after the death of the shinobi known to all as Naruto, the world ran into turmoil. The five great nations all went into war against eachother. Until another party jumped in, it defeated the five great nations, without breaking a single drop of sweat. This mysterious nation, soon became known as Zeugakure. Seeing the power of Zeugakure(The village Surrounded in death), some of the great nations joined their side, becoming their allies. Afraid of their strength they did not want to face them in battle. However some of the other nations pride was too strong, so they chose not to join the obvious side. Instead they wished to stand up against them and fight them off, in a hope to restore the peace between the nations again.

Which side will you choose? Will you join Zeugakure, the mysterious nation that appeared out of know where and installed fear within the other nations. Or will you fight bravely for your village and protect it with your life. The choice is yours, but which ever one you choose I hope that you find peace in your decision.

-Bravo Out
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~Story~ Lost Hope
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