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 Character creation template

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PostSubject: Character creation template   Character creation template I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 5:55 pm

After you is done reading all the rules please come and create your character!!!


[b]Rank:[/b] Genin; Chunnin; Jounin; Kage; Missing ninja?

[b]Village:[/b]Pick your village
[b]Element:[/b] Pick your element; Genin and Chunnin pick one Element, Jounin pick 2 and Kage pick 3. You can aqcuire more later



[b]Biography:[/b]Write about a paragraph, about your characters past and present from birth to current problems and happens

[b]Techniques:[/b] Will be added by Admin/ Mod

[b]Level:[/b] 1
[b]Health: [/b]150% Genin, 200% Chuunin, 400% Jounin, 700% Kage
[b]Chakra:[/b] 200% Genin, 300% Chuunin, %500 Jounin, 1000% Kage

Justu: What jutsu does your character come with it has to be an D-Rank jutsu nothing higher than that everybody on this site start as genin the only way you can become an academy ninja if your first character die
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Character creation template
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